Christopher Flanagan

A mammoth tough guy searching for salvation.


Cristopher grew up the middle of 8 children on a farm in the Irish country side. Having older brothers taught him to be proficient with his fists. He started boxing as a young man in the nearest town to earn money for the family. As he grew, he was unstoppable in the ring. He moved himself and what little he owned to Dublin to fight in prize matches. Being a devout Cathlic, Christoper spent more time in the church than he did in the ring. Father Malone recognized the value in having a loyalist the size of Christopher (not to mention as impressionable). Malone embraced him and taught him of his new family, the Gangrel. Christopher was molded into a soldier for the Lancea Sanctum. Father Malone often spoke of his sire, Bishop Connolly in the United States, who would be so proud to se such an Irish Catholic as Christopher. Christopher continued to find win after win in the ring, tithing to the church and sending nearly all the rest of his winnings anonymously back to his family. One night, after a particularly brutal win, he and his chums splurged. They went out on the town. Drinking and carousing the ladies of the evening. Christopher returned to find his haven, the church, burned to the ground and no sign of Father Malone. The act was later attributed to militant unionists.

His entire world turned upside down, Christopher found his way to New York Harbor to seek out Bishop John Connolly. The Lancea Sanctum is not the only faction who has taken note of the arrival of this monstrous Irish brute. William Mooney, a fighter for immigrants rights has also been courting Christopher but he hasn’t tipped his hand as to why just yet.

Christopher Flanagan

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