The Unaligned have always had more power in the New World than in the old. No where is this more true than in present day New York. Through a strong idea of pack leadership, these unbound kindred have formed themselves into a power.

When the new world first opened up it was the unaligned that arrived first in hopes of leaving the stagnant opression of the covenents. The settled in the places Kine settled, and as the New World became civilized the covenents followed. This caused the unaligned once again to be pushed aside due to thier lack of cohesion.

In New York they formed gangs each with its own ruler and laws. The turf of these gangs was inviolate so long as they didn’t anger the true rulers of the city. In 1862 Cyrus, a Gangrel Elder, called a meeting of the gangs. He proposed the idea that the city should belong to the gangs not to the stuffed shirts. This is precisely what they tried. Most of the city burned because of it. Including the five points which was the area the gangs called home. Cyrus himself disappeared. The Gangrel Priscus Daniel called his supporters, and put down the rebellion.

Even with his fighting against the rebellion Daniel has more or less realized Cyrus’s dream. Hell’s Kitchen is a city unto itself with a law quite different from that of the rest of New York. It is run by the Law of Strength. The gang leaders make sure not to go to far and hurt the balance. The Prince leaves them be out of fear that all out war may come again.

Known Holdings

Hell’s Kitchen


Recently some bizarre deaths have begun to turn up with more frequency around Hell’s Kitchen. Daniel is worried it may lead to Police involvement, or worse Sebastion Thor himself becoming involved.


Daniel Gangrel Priscus. Ruler of Hell’s Kitchen

Magnus Leader of Daniel’s Hunters.

Alfonse Hunter


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