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New York as it was

In the wiki there will be pages detailing important locations the players have been to, and characters they have met. This way they will be able to keep straight the on going plots of the Kindred through the years.

City Overview

Kine Population: Approx 3.5 million

Kindred Population: Approx 100


Who moves the city

Major Players



History of the City

New York even before it was called such was a city that was the new Europe. The traditions of the old world came onto the new in a startling fashion. Even when it comes to the undead. The Invictus and Lancea Sanctum have controlled New Amsterdam since it was large enough for them to actually bother claiming control of it.

This control has been typically split with an Invictus Prince and a Lancea Sanctum adviser. For the last 200 this is the way the city has run. Only twice in that time has anyone tried to take power from the two pillars of the Danse.

The first time was when the city was young. A coven of the Circle wished to try and maintain their control as the city expanded. They were met with violence and war. This manipulation caused the initial violence with the native peoples on the mainland. The purchase of Manhattan was facilitated with Kindred disciplines. The Circle has continued to rebuild their power, but they seem content to hold to the corners of the city and the mysterious paths of Central Park.

In 1863 during the Draft Riots a group of particularly violent Gangrel were of the mindset that the city was to large to be controlled. That the city as a whole should be unaligned. Their violent idealogy of anarchy led to the destruction of large areas of the city. This concept of unruled Gangrel still exists in the form of Hell’s Kitchen. No one pushes their borders and they dont seek to expand.

Timeline of New York City 1900-1949

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