Circle of the Crone

At the current time there are 4 main factions of the Circle of the Crone in New York.
  • The Children of the Nile: Occultists who feel that they are the Pharaohs of old reborn
  • The Voodoun: Followers of the Afro-Carribean ways of Voodoo, and Hoodoo
  • The Natives: Elder Vampires who follow the ancient ways of the Native Americans that were driven out.
  • Seekers of the Light: A group led to the general acquisition of knowledge of the occult regardless of origin.
Known Holdings

Big Daddy Saturday Leader of the Voodoun of New York

Bridgette De la Croix Granddaughter and Childe of Big Daddy Saturday. Voice of the Voodoun

Raven Cimmittre Childe and Lover of Big Daddy Saturday

Stephen Priscus of the Mekhet, Elder Guide of the Seekers of the Light

Circle of the Crone

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