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  • Hell's Kitchen

    h5. How it fits into our World This area has replaced the five points which were recently razed as the violent heart of New York. As the tenements continue to rise the down trodden on the city are preyed upon by members of their own species as well as …

  • Daniel

    Daniel was a frontiersman who got sick of what the wilds had to offer soon after his embrace. He used his new found power to fight in the Civil War, and in 1865 when the war ended settled in New York using his combat skills to carve out a bloody niche in …

  • Christopher Flanagan

    Cristopher grew up the middle of 8 children on a farm in the Irish country side. Having older brothers taught him to be proficient with his fists. He started boxing as a young man in the nearest town to earn money for the family. As he grew, he was …

  • Alfonse

    Alfonse is one of [[:daniel | Daniel's]] main trackers. He and his partners aid in tracking down those who would do harm to the way which Hell's Kitchen is run.