Tag: Daeva


  • Alexi Maloch

    Alexei came to the new world in a first class cabin on the Lusitania in 1907. She walked straight into a council meeting of Daeva challenged the Priscus and ripped out his heart. Maloch is still unknown to most of the city's Kindred. In the last year she …

  • Olga Maloch

    Childe to Alexei. They arrived at the same time. Olga acts as an enforcer for Alexei's wishes amongst the clan on the rare occasions someone disobeys.

  • Thomas Mallory

    Mallory was born in boston at a time when the city was being overrun with immigrants. His family one of the wealthier there did what most rich people do when a tide of suffering reaches their door, they moved. At 10 years of age Mallory returned to the …

  • Aleksandr Pacceko

    Aleksandr was born to be exactly what he is. His father was a gentlemen's gentlemen, and so was he. The primary difference is that his father worked for a man. Aleksandr considers his employer just shy of a god. In the time that he has worked for [[: …

  • Antonio Gisbert Perez

    Antonio was a Spanish painter forced to flee his country soon after his embrace due the politically charged message in his art. Coming to New York he is seeking an artist he can patron. He spends his nights at art Galas or Elysium depending entirely on …

  • Magalis Bardeaux

    A member of the Hell Cats of the five points. When that area was razed to the ground at the end of 1860's she found herself a drift in the city. When she ran into a young southern Daeva the joined forces and now run the only vampire brothel in the city.