William Mooney

Ventrue Carthian Movement Priscus(1759-1801)


William Mooney may be the most successful politician in New York history. He is also one of the most corrupt as the founder of Tammany Hall his name is remembered in the slums as the defender of the immigrant. The more educated know that he simply uses them to advance his needs while giving very little thought to what he promises. Since joining the ranks of the Kindred he keeps his fingers in the goings on of Tammany Hall which gives him more control over the goings on of the slums than Daniel would like to see, as such they are at odds quite regularly.

Anyone with a nose to the wind can sense that Mooney is preparing to attempt a move for more power within the city. He feels snubbed that he is the only Priscus without a domain. Thor rationalizes Mooney’s political connections as more than enough power, and his support of the Carthian Movement as counter to the idea of fiefdoms anyway.

William Mooney

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