Thomas Mallory

Daeva Invictus Harpy(1880-1898)


Mallory was born in boston at a time when the city was being overrun with immigrants. His family one of the wealthier there did what most rich people do when a tide of suffering reaches their door, they moved. At 10 years of age Mallory returned to the eastern seaboard to live in New York in one of the most expensive boarding school money could buy. He spent his time there passing his classes by paying people to do his work, and making the lives of those who wouldn’t grovel before him miserable.

At the young age of 18 he inherited his fathers businesses. By 18 and a half he was bored of them and sold them piecemeal. Then he began living off of the proceeds. While he was showing his youthful exuberence for life he met Patricia Millstone. Soon after she had him join her in unlife.

In the 10 years since his embrace he is perfectly happy to live off his investments and properties. He may be a lazy philandaring bump on a log, but he has some of his fathers business acumen. Now with immortality he is more then willing to take risks on long term investments. His sire has nudged him in the direction of buying land on the edge of Hell’s Kitchen under the idea that soon there will be no more real estate in midtown without evicting the masses.

Thomas Mallory

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