Patricia Millstone

Ventrue Invictus Harpy(1855-1879)


A beautiful child is born to a middle class family. A blessing no one thinks anything of it. Patricia quickly learned to use her looks to get her way. By the time she was 15 she was untouchable to the neighborhood boys, not that kept them from trying to court her. Presents were constantly showered on her. By 18 she had more money in gifts then her family made in a year. This is when the idea of social advancement occured to her.

Placing herself in view of the wealthier bachelors in Manhattan Patricia was able to find herself a charming, middle aged, cash cow. After 6 years of wedded bliss George Roberts was not getting any older. Patricia was forced to take matters into her own hands. When accidently smothering him didnt work, his laughter echoing from underneath the pillow he decided to let her in on his secret. He was an undead creature of the night, and he was going to eat her. Her gumption made him change his mind. After asking the price for the right of embrace, he gave her the kiss. Promptly making sure she was blood bond to him.

Now almost 30 years of unlife, and she has started to make her own power base. Starting with the embrace of Thomas Mallory.

Patricia Millstone

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