Olivia Rose Caine

Ventrue Circle of the Crone(1875-1899)


Oliva Rose Caine was born to the wealthy family of Johnathon and Victoria Caine in 1875. Two years after her brother, Richard. On the surface the family was what can only be described as perfect. Two children each who excelled at their studies and whatever elsee they chose to persue. The family was a might bit less active in social circles, but Johnthan made up for it by going to the social clubs nightly. This attitude also helped the family when it came to securing their fortunes.

Olivia spent most of her time indoors while her brother played at sports. Little Olivia learned at a young age that magic was real, and that dark gods existed. The lesson was one she would not forget. One morning she walked into the basement to ask her mother about a book she was reading and caught her mother making a sacrifice of blood to a hideous black daemon, and from there her tutelage in magic began.

Her talents in made her more self reliant than most women of her time. It gave her a power that no matter how sexist society was it could not remove from her. She kept her attitudes quiet for the sake of her father, and brother who loved her so.

Richard spent most of his young adult life trying to make up for the absenteeism of the father by doting on Olivia and protecting her. As she became stronger in magic she returned the favor by calling in help whenever he had a particularly bad test or trial.

At the age 16, at one of the socials her brother begged her to attend, Olivia met Anthony De Leon. Mr. De Leon was an investment banker trying to follow in the footsteps of the greats such as J.P. Morgan, and with his intelligence seemed he might be able to if he could find the capital. With that in mind he agreed to marry the fey beauty that was Olivia, and agree she could keep her name so long as Richard and Johnathan invested in his business.

After 5 years of marriage where they had only spen a handful of weeks in the same city much less the same bed, Olivia was blessed with the birth of Cora her first daughter. A year later Anne was born. Now 22 Olivia had daughters of her own to teach the secrets of the darkness and Hecatae.

Soon after the birth of Anne she through herself even stronger in to her studies so that when the time came she could ease her children into the lifestyle. One day while perusing an occult shop that only functioned at night to keep the identities of its clients secret, Olivia caught the eye of a Ventrue. He had no occult power of his own and was fascinated by what Olivia could do. Within a month he had embraced her and doomed her to lose all of the power she had worked for.

Now a vampire Olivia felt very little need to continue allowing her husbands abuses to continue. So Anthony died of a wasting disease the doctors could find no cure for. He had built himself quite an empire in real estate and in investing. Richard, with much condolences, accepted his sisters request that he continue to manage Anthony’s holdings so the money could continue to care for the daughters.

With the embrace Olivia found her old paths to mystic power locked, and she has spent the last 9 years rebuilding her knowledge, as well as taking her first steps into the danse macabre. Already she has made allies in Harlem, and with her money she intends to make more. Her brother continues to dote on his little sister, but he has begun to notice the unhealthy palor and the lack of aging. Soon she will have to make a decision as to how to best handle Richard.

Olivia Rose Caine

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