John Connolly

Ventrue Lancea Sanctum Primogen(1750-1815)


His Eminence was born before this country could be called such. He lived to be 65 years old before the embrace was given to him and another 12 years as a public figure before going to ground to ease suspicions of his long life. In the nearly 80 years since his public death his has ammassed a wealth of power that can only be described as awe inspiring. He leads one of the largest branches of the Lancea Sanctum, and maintains a strong alliance with the Invictus that runs the city. He continues to monitor and manipulate the mortal church that was built on his resting place.

John Connolly is considered one of the most dangerous Kindred in the city. When the population of the city is primarily catholic a word from the faith can cause strong repercussions. As such he is considered second only to the Prince in power, officially. Unofficially many Kindred present themselves to the Bishop first. His age alone makes him a figure of respect. All told he has lived over 150 years making his wisdom on par with those Kindred who have played the Requiem longer.

John Connolly

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