Gangrel Unaligned Priscus(1735-1755)


Daniel was a frontiersman who got sick of what the wilds had to offer soon after his embrace. He used his new found power to fight in the Civil War, and in 1865 when the war ended settled in New York using his combat skills to carve out a bloody niche in the Five Points. When the points were torn down in 1895 he moved his turf to the new slums in Hells Kitchen and there he rules. No one enters his land without one of his Gangrel knowing it and giving the information to Daniel.

Content with his lot in life he controls a large portion of the city. Population wise as well as square acreage. To this point he has had no conflicts with anyone on the council with the exception of Mooney, the conflicts have always had to do with abuses the crooked politician has heaped on the people Daniel considers himself the protector of. He regularly supports Garreth the exact nature of the alliance there is unknown.


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