Aleksandr Pacceko

Daeva Invictus Master of Elysium(1868-1883)


Aleksandr was born to be exactly what he is. His father was a gentlemen’s gentlemen, and so was he. The primary difference is that his father worked for a man. Aleksandr considers his employer just shy of a god. In the time that he has worked for Sebastion Thor he performed his duties with what can be called almost fanatical devotion. First as a butler, then as the Keeper of Elysium at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Aleksandr is a perfect example of why no one has dared to move against Thor, even amongst the undead he causes loyalty. The city is happy, and even the ones that want power are not sure that they could run it better.

Elysium is run like a well oiled machine. It opens promptly at the appointed hour of 7pm nightly and throughout the night blood dolls are tapped and refreshements served to the guests. Not all the vampires in the city are openly welcome in Elysium. Aleksandr finds most Gangrel and all Nosferatu distasteful and limits their time in his marble halls. While he can not tell them to out and out leave he does make sure that their needs are met quickly so they can be on their way.

Aleksandr Pacceko

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